Fetch VIP

A free program for VIP Fetch customers providing exclusive benefits.

VIP Perks

Reduced Deposits

Security deposits are just $50 per rental.

Extended Return

Return your truck up to 30 minutes late without penalty or fee.

Expedited Refunds

Security deposits are refunded three days earlier for Fetch VIP customers.

How to Enroll

Rent with Fetch

It's simple. Just complete two successful Fetch rentals.

Instant enrollment

After your second rental, you'll be automatically enrolled as a VIP member.

Enjoy VIP Status

Instantly start enjoy perks of being a Fetch VIP!

Frequent Questions

Becoming a Fetch VIP is easy! Just complete two successful rentals with Fetch without any issues.

Complete two successful rentals without any issues such as:

  • Failed payments
  • Late returns
  • No shows

After your second rental, you'll be instantly upgraded to VIP status! We'll send you a notification by email, and you'll also see your VIP badge when you log into Fetch.

You'll be a VIP as long as you continue to be a Fetch customer in good standing. There are no rental or minimum spend requirements. Thanks for being a great Fetch customer!