Start Your Own Business with Fetch

Manage your own fleet of self-service rental trucks, powered by the Fetch platform.

The Fetch Opportunity

Startup Costs

As low as $149

Time Commitment

1 - 10 hours a week

Annual Revenue Potential

$240k - $360k*

Annual Profit Potential

$65k - $160k*

* based on a fleet of 20 trucks

How Fetch Works

Fetch enables entrepreneurs to start their own business with a fleet of Fetch trucks.

Built for Success

Fetch provides every partner with tools, support and best practices to ensure the success of your rental fleet.

Keep Your Day Job

Fetch's proprietary, self-service technology allows you to make money without having to quit your day job.

Grow at Your Pace

Start with a small fleet and grow your business at your own pace.

What Fetch Does

Help You Get Started

Fetch provides dedicated support to assist you in starting your fleet. Our team will analyze your market to determine the best fleet for success, and our partners provide exclusive deals on vehicles and insurance.

Technical Support

Fetch will assist you with device installation, setting up your Fetch account and launching your fleet on Fetch.

Advertising and Marketing

Fetch will advertise and promote your fleet to maximize your earnings.

Rental Fulfillment

With every rental, Fetch will handle customer inquiries, renter verification and general customer support.

Your Responsibilities

Setup Your Fleet

New Fetch partners can start with 1 dedicated vehicle. Vehicles must be dedicated to rental on Fetch and available for rental seven days a week.

Get Started

Fetch partners must obtain commercial rental fleet insurance and purchase Fetch devices for each vehicle. ($1,000 one-time setup fee required for commercial insurance.)

Maintain Your Fleet

Keep your customers delighted and coming back by ensuring your vehicles are clean and well maintained. Expect to spend 30 to 60 minutes per week keeping each vehicle in top condition.

Watch Your Business Grow

Watch your revenue grow as Fetch promotes your fleet. Build relationships with your customers and promote your business in your local community to grow even faster.

Build Your Future with Fetch