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Why rent your truck with Fetch?

Generate extra money from your trucks and use the Fetch platform to automate your rental business.

Earn more money from trucks or vans you already own - or start your own fleet with Fetch.

Put your rental business on autopilot with Fetch's support and technology.

Connect your vehicle and automate pick up and drop off with the Fetch smart device.

What Fetch Does

Help You Get Started

Fetch will assist you in creating your Fetch partner account, installing the Fetch device and launching your vehicle in the Fetch marketplace.


Your vehicle is protected by Fetch's insurance policy during all active Fetch rentals. Learn more about Fetch's partner protection.

Rental Fulfillment

Fetch will promote your vehicle to local renters in your city. For each rental, Fetch will handle customer inquiries, renter verification and general customer support while you sit back and watch your vehicle generate new revenue.

Partner Responsibilities

Create Your Fetch Fleet

New Fetch partners can start with as little as one dedicated vehicle. Vehicles must be dedicated to rental on Fetch and available for rental seven days a week.

Connect Your Vehicle

Connect your vehicle to the Fetch marketplace by ordering a Fetch smart device and having it installed.

Maintain Your Fleet

Keep your customers delighted and coming back by ensuring your vehicles are clean and well-maintained.

Create Your Own Automated Truck Rental Business

Create your own rental business and let Fetch do all the work for you.

Create your own rental business while keeping your day job.

Fetch provides best practices and support to maximize your success.

How To Rent Your Truck With Fetch


List your truck or van with Fetch, and we'll make your vehicle available to book with local renters.


Install the Fetch smart device in your vehicle to enable customers to unlock and rent your truck automatically.


Use the Fetch dashboard to view manage your fleet, update your vehicle and increase your revenue.

Partners Succeeding with Fetch

"Fetch makes operating our rental fleet so simple, and we’re very excited to continue growing this side of our business."

Sergio Monzalvo - Owner, Universal Body Shop & Collision

"Fetch allows someone like me, who drives an “impractical” two-door car, to not sweat it when I have to move a couch. Just grab a Fetch van for an hour or two, and you’re all set."

Alex Chu - Owner, Atlanta Mobility

How Much Will You Earn?

Generate up to $1,800 per month from your truck.


Fetch partners earn 65% to 80% of every rental, depending upon the insurance and protection package selected. If you're an existing rental business and have your own commercial insurance, you'll earn 80% of every rental with Fetch.


Fetch will price your vehicle to maximize your utilization, including discounts for long-term renters, high-mileage package and dynamic prices each day of the week.

Increase Your Earnings

Increase your earnings potential by offering additional products such as moving supplies and pre-paid cleanings.

Frequent Questions

How does Fetch work?

List your truck or van for rent, order a Fetch device, and start making money. When your truck is available for rent on the Fetch marketplace, Fetch will advertise your vehicle with local renters in your area. Fetch's smart hardware enables completely self-service rentals, enabling renters to instantly unlock and rent your truck.

How do I get started?

  1. Create your Fetch partner account
  2. Submit your vehicle for approval
  3. Order your Fetch device and have it installed.
  4. Start renting your vehicle on Fetch!

How much can I earn?

Fetch partners can earn as much as $1,800 per vehicle each month. You'll earn 65% - 80% of each rental trip, depending on your selected protection package. (Vehicle revenue varies by location, vehicle type, pricing and other factors.)

What types of trucks or vans are eligible for rental on Fetch?

  • Pickup Trucks and Cargo Vans
  • Existing rental businesses with commercial insurance may also list Box Trucks (12 feet in length or less)
  • Manufactured within the past 10 years
  • No salvage title
  • Current registration and insurance

Which vehicles perform best?

All vehices perform well on Fetch. For partners considering purchasing their first vehicle for Fetch, we recommend owners typically start with a cargo van (any size), based on maintenance and revenue factors.

Which markets is Fetch currently available in?

View our active locations to underestand if your location is eligible for renting with Fetch.

Does Fetch provide insurance for my vehicle?

Fetch will provide vehicle protection as described in our protection packages. (This protection only applies during the time when your vehicle is rented by another customer on Fetch.) If you are an existing rental business with your own commercial insurance, you may opt-out of using Fetch's vehicle protection.

How do I get paid?

After every rental, you'll earn between 65%-80% of the rental trip. Fetch pays your rental earnings on a bi-monthly basis.

What is self-service and Fetch's smart hardware?

Fetch's smart hardware puts your rentals on auto-pilot. Fetch's self-service rental process removes the need to meet renters in person. Renters can use their phone to instantly unlock and access your vehicle after starting their rental. Fetch will automatically track vehicle activity including mileage data and fuel levels.

Am I allowed to rent my vehicle to customers outside of Fetch?

Vehicles listed on Fetch must be exclusively rented to Fetch customers and be available for rental 7 days per week.

Who provides parking?

Vehicle owners are responsible for providing or locating parking for vehicles rented on Fetch. For owners that need additional parking, we recommend contacting your local self-storage companies, furniture companies or other local businesses that may have excess parking.

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