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Why rent your truck with Fetch?

Generate extra money from your trucks and use the Fetch platform to automate your rental business.

Earn more money from trucks or vans you already own. Available for individuals or existing rental businesses.

Connect and protect your car with the Fetch smart device.

No upfront costs required.

How To Rent Your Truck With Fetch


List your truck or van with Fetch, and we'll instantly start booking your vehicle with local renters.


Ready to go self-service? Install the Fetch smart device in your truck to enable customers to unlock and rent your truck instantly.


Use the Fetch dashboard to view manage your fleet, update vehicle pricing and increase your revenue.

Partners Succeeding with Fetch

What Will You Earn?

Make up to $1,800 from your truck.


Fetch partners earn 70% to 80% of every rental, depending upon the insurance and protection package selected. If you're an existing rental business and have your own commercial insurance, you'll earn 80% of every rental with Fetch.


Set your own pricing to maximize earnings. Set daily pricing, offer discounts for long-term renters and even offer different prices every day of the week.

Frequent Questions

List your truck or van for rent, order a Fetch device, and start making money. When your truck is available for rent, Fetch will take care of advertising your truck and renting your vehicle for you. With Fetch's smart hardware, renters can instantly unlock your truck, letting you sit back and enjoy your new profits.

Fetch partners can earn as much as $1,800 per vehicle each month. After every rental, you'll earn 70% - 80% of the rental trip, depending on your selected protection package.

  • Pickup Trucks, Vans, Cargo Vans and Box Trucks
  • 2009 model or newer
  • No salvage title

Yes. Fetch's partners can provide coverage while your vehicle is rented on Fetch. Or, use your existing commercial policy.

There are no upfront costs to partner with Fetch. After every rental, you'll earn between 70%-80% of the rental trip. Fetch pays your rental earnings on a bi-monthly basis.

With Fetch's smart hardware, renters can instantly unlock and access your vehicle after starting their rental. Fetch can automatically track vehicle activity such as mileage data and fuel levels and bill renters in accordance with your rental policies.

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