Earn Money With Your Own Truck Rental Fleet

Make extra money and automate your rental operations with Fetch.

Why partner with Fetch?

Generate extra revenue with Fetch and use the Fetch platform to streamline your fleet and rental operations.

Be your own boss. Create your own rental business or earn more from your existing fleet.

Connect and protect your car with the Fetch smart device.

Start your own rental fleet. Fetch can help you with vehicle acquisition and insurance.

No upfront costs required.

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How to Partner with Fetch


List your cars with Fetch, and we'll instantly start sending you new renters. Need help building your fleet? Just let us know.


Install the (free) Fetch smart device in your cars to instantly connect your cars to the Fetch fleet management system.


Use the Fetch dashboard to view real-time updates on vehicles, get GPS updates and manage your rentals.

Partners Succeeding with Fetch

What Will You Earn?


Fetch partners receive 80% of any rental generated through the Fetch marketplace. This includes trips, mileage fees and additional services such as cleaning or gas fill ups.

Frequent Questions

Fetch partners can earn as much as $1,500 per vehicle each month. After every rental, you'll earn 80% of the rental trip.

  • 2010 model or newer
  • Under 80,000 miles
  • Clean title in your business name

Fetch has arranged a special commercial insurance program for Fetch partners. If you do not currently have commercial fleet insurance, we'll be glad to introduce you to our partners that can help you with fleet insurance. Contact us for more information.

There are no upfront costs to partner with Fetch. After every rental, you'll earn 80% of the rental trip. Fetch pays your rental earnings via direct deposit on a weekly basis.