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Automate Your Rental Operation

Seamlessly manage, track and secure your entire fleet and rental operation.

Instantly connect your vehicle to the cloud and our fleet management system with the Fetch smart device.

Self-Service, Online Reservations

Your rental operation is on auto-pilot with Fetch.

Self-service reservation system

Identity verification

Self-service check-in and return for renters

Credit card verification and online payment processing

Coupons and variable pricing plans

Vehicle Security

Ensure your vehicles are secured and only accessed by approved drivers.

Remote lock and unlock

Immobilize and prevent vehicles from being started

Real-time GPS tracking

Rental Tracking and Fleet Analytics

Track each rental and analyze your fleet performance.

Track miles driven and gas used for each rental

View real-time data for each vehicle, including gas, battery and miles

Analyze fleet performance and revenue

Take vehicles out of service and schedule maintenance



The Fetch smart device and fleet management system is included free as part of listing your vehicle on the Fetch marketplace.


Just want to use Fetch with your corporate fleet or for other purposes? Subscriptions are just $50/month per vehicle.