Case Study

Universal Body Shop grows revenue with Fetch self-service car rentals

Universal Body Shop + Fetch

Universal Body Shop is one of the best-reviewed auto collision ships in the Atlanta area and has been in business since 2011. Founded by Sergio Monzalvo, Universal offers a range of collision services, including paint and body repair.

Opportunity to Generate New Revenue

As with most auto collision shops, Universal Body Shop assists customers with arranging car rentals during the time that a customer’s vehicle will be out of service for repair. Customers require car rentals ranging in duration from 1 day to up to 30 days.

Universal customers were often frustrated with having to drop their car off at Universal and travel to a different location to pick up their car and then again arrange transportation between locations at drop off.

Moreso, Universal also knew they were missing an opportunity to generate additional revenue by providing a rental-car service.

The only problem? Universal didn’t know how to begin offering rental car services, and it didn’t have the staff to manage the paperwork and operations of a traditional rental-car service.

Partnering with Fetch

By partnering with Fetch, Universal Body Shop was able to quickly begin offering rental cars to its customers.

"Fetch helped us launch our rental program within just a few weeks. Their team helped us every step of the way and even helped us secure our rental vehicles"

"By using Fetch’s software and platform, we’ve been able to operate our rental operation with only a few hours of time each week. The self-service technology lets our customers reserve the vehicles on their own schedules and lets our staff stay focused on our main collision business."

Sergio Monzalvo, CEO of Universal Body Shop


In the first month, Universal Body Shop was already generating profit from its rental vehicles with Fetch.

"Our customers love being able to pick up their vehicle immediately when dropping off their car for repair. They also appreciate having one bill for both their auto repair and rental car. Fetch's ability to bill insurance companies directly has been a huge win for us."

Universal’s goal is now to expand its rental fleet to offer more options for its customers.

"We’ve already been able to generate significant profit with Fetch, and we now want to grow our rental fleet to offer different size vehicles and price points to customers. Fetch makes operating our rental fleet so simple, and we’re very excited to continue growing this side of our business."