Fetch Business Accounts

Looking to rent trucks or vans
for your business?

Fetch’s business account platform makes it easy to rent for all your employees.

Create your Business Account
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Manage Multiple Reservations

Create and manage multiple concurrent reservations for all of your drivers.

Business Insurance Coverage

Support all driver accounts with one business insurance policy.

Flexible Driver Reservations

Any of your business’s approved drivers can start, operate, and return any reservation under your business account.

Simple Account Migration

Your existing Fetch account can be converted to a Business Account, while still allowing you to make personal reservations.

Easy Account Management

On our checkout and rentals pages, you can easily swap between your personal and business account.

Business Level Support

Our support team is standing by to assist any drivers connected to your account.

Fetch is here to help your business

Fetch’s business platform allows your company to create multiple reservations and add multiple drivers to their platform. Use the dashboard to add employees, track their routes, see how many miles were drove, and how much each rental was.

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Access Fetch Anywhere

Fetch’s rental vans, box trucks, and pickup trucks are located in all major cities across the United States. We have your team covered for all rental van and rental truck needs. Use the links below to see all our available rental locations.